Do you have the intense desire and drive to achieve your "Wildest Dreams" and are you looking to gain a competitive edge towards the most selective colleges and universities?!
Then get nominated and apply to the prestigious, award-winning, and nationally acclaimed
Summer Business and Leadership Institute (SBLI)
and become a great LEADER NOW™!!!
Enrollment is on a first-come first-served basis once a scholar is accepted
Applications are by invitation only
The 2016 SBLI application process has already begun!
For SBLI program information, please click here..

ABL Programs

ABL Leadership Institute

Since 1998, believing in the impact that young people can have if given the opportunity and in order to leverage scarce resources, the ABL Refounder, President & CEO Anna Ouroumian has run the organization utilizing the talent and skills of hundreds of young people from across the country. In 2003, she formalized the ABL Leadership Institute where besides the summer MBA's and college fellows, ABL graduates are developed, trained, and utilized in meaningful ways thus enabling youth to gain exposure and hands on experience, take charge, and understand the concepts of hard work, responsibility, passion, and giving back. As part of this year-round program, young talent is developed, trained and successfully utilized in every aspect of the day-to-day operations and management of the organization including finance, marketing, student training, student recruitment and retention, and event planning and implementation functions. The harnessed young talent has been the key to creating the corporate culture of the organization and to the successful implementation of all programs. This fact makes ABL one of the few non-profit organizations in the US that is run by young people for young people.

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