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The 2018-2019 BLI Training Commences Upon the Scholar's Enrollment

About ABL

History and Mission

The results-oriented mission of ABL is to inspire, educate, and expand the educational and career goals of mostly high-potential low-opportunity students through practical and experiential education, with a focus on business, financial investment and literacy, entrepreneurial training, social entrepreneurial training and transformational leadership development. ABL primarily targets students who have been recognized by their counselors and school administrators as having high-unrealized potential. In a nurturing, loving, and supportive environment, and through integration in a college setting, hands-on exposure to business fundamentals, and interaction with the movers and shakers of corporate and civic America, ABL's ultimate goal is two fold 1) to teach our scholars how to acquire the mindset of the most successful leaders; how to champion themselves; and how to build a large, powerful, and supportive network of lifelong champions and mentors who will be vested in their personal success every step of the way in order to help them achieve their seemingly impossible dreams, and subsequently become a champion for others; thus, giving back by paying it forward and 2) to give all our students a 10-to-20 year head start, inspiring them to see themselves as Leaders NOW? who will rise to become the future conscious, conscientious & transformational corporate, entrepreneurial, social entrepreneurial, philanthropic, and civic leaders of America & the world, while inculcating in them the value of Giving Back NOW™.

Though originally founded in 1991 by Rick Yamamotto, then Manager of Investments at Southern California Edison where ABL is proudly housed, the current ABL philosophy, methodology, vision, and mission are inspired by the personal journey of triumph over adversity of the ABL Refounder, President & CEO from orphanages in war-torn Lebanon. Anna Ouroumian assumed the helm of ABL in 1998. Under her leadership, ABL attempts to address the root cause of the mindset of poverty regardless of one's socio-economic background to unleash the potential of youth to fulfill their destiny and make a difference in the world by implementing rigorous value-based experiential and academic business and transformational leadership programs that go Beyond Skills™. The original mission of ABL was to provide educational training and mentoring to increase the number of minority applicants for investment positions in corporate America. Since 1998, under the current leadership, the scope of the organization has evolved and dramatically expanded to involve more opportunities for the participating students.

In 1998, in her early twenties, Anna Ouroumian was hired to turn around the struggling organization. Using her personal story of overcoming tremendous odds as an orphan survivor from war-torn Beirut who came to the US alone with only $160 as a young teenager as a backdrop to the limitless potential of the human spirit, Anna completely reinvented the ABL vision, mission, philosophy, and its teaching methodology. As a visionary leader, through her creative, strategic, and forward-thinking leadership style, and through the extensive partnerships and collaborations that she developed, Anna has catapulted the organization to new heights. She has completely shifted the focus of ABL by centering its vision on "building a movement of fulfilled, prosperous, and transformational youth Leaders NOW™ for long term sustainability in America and the world." By harnessing the talent of underserved and high potential youth to see themselves as "Leaders NOW™", they can start making a difference in the world today while uplifting themselves, and they will rise to become the future conscious, conscientious, and transformational corporate, entrepreneurial, social entrepreneurial, philanthropic, and civic leaders of America and the globe, through access and exposure at the highest levels, her Leadership Now™ philosophy and seven anchoring core values, entrepreneurial and financial literacy training, leadership development, and social entrepreneurship training.

Here is a list of some of her accomplishments to date as ABL’s Refounder, President and CEO:

  • Tripled ABL in size
  • Completely revamped the curriculum, logo, and marketing materials
  • Created new programs and enhanced existing ones
  • Launched special events and gala fundraisers such as the Annual Commencement and Awards Banquet and the ABL Crystal Globe Awards
  • Created and recruited a corporate advisory board,
  • Recruited over 7,000 volunteers to impact the lives of thousands of youth
  • Graduated in 14 years alone over 2,900 primarily underserved students out of 3,300 total students since 1991 who came from 491 elementary, middle, and high schools and over 176 school districts in Southern California
  • Created and delivered Prosperity Building & Empowerment workshops to over 100,000 elementary, middle, and high school students throughout Southern California.

Anna Ouroumian’s vision is to take ABL national and provide this opportunity to every student who needs it.

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