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Summer Business and Leadership Institute (SBLI) on a College Campus.
BLI is by Invitation Only. The Program Will Teach You How to Become a Great LEADER NOW™!!! In BLI, You Will Also Have the Opportunity to Raise Money for College!!! Enrollment is on a First-Come, First-Served Basis Once a Scholar is Accepted.
The 2018-2019 BLI Training Commences Upon the Scholar's Enrollment

About ABL

The Academy of Business Leadership (ABL) is a dynamic and innovative 501(c)3 non- profit organization that is at the forefront of providing business and leadership education to youth in Southern California. ABL offers hands on experiential learning that gives students from all communities the opportunity to build bridges of understanding among different youth communities, thus becoming the agents of change needed to make a difference in their communities, schools and world. We give all our students a 10-20 year head start in life, inspiring them to see themselves as Leaders NOW™ who will rise to become the future corporate, entrepreneurial, social entrepreneurial and civic leaders of America and the world, while inculcating in them the value of giving back NOW. We ignite our students' passion for learning, prosperity building, and giving back through a new paradigm of self-perception and empowerment. In conjunction with our extensive corporate partners and collaboration with local universities, high schools, and entrepreneurs, ABL has enriched and impacted the lives of thousands of high-potential, low-opportunity students throughout the region.

"In the world of science, we know that potential, without a conduit, is merely stored energy with limited purpose. The same can be said about man of our youth who are at-risk filled with energy, intelligence and desire, yet with no real focus. This is why the Academy of Business Leadership (ABL) is so important to our business community. ABL provides the intellectual stimulation, discipline, and most importantly, opportunities required to channel the stored energy of young people into productive motion. We're proud of our partnership with ABL and we're proud of the talented students who graduated from its programs. Our participation in preparing these young people to enter the world of business is not just good corporate citizenship; it is a personally rewarding experience for all of us involved."

-- Richard C. Hartnack, Vice Chairman, Consumer Banking Group U.S. Bancorp

"In this great land of opportunity, hard work, talent and perseverance are rewarded. Along with these attributes, it's important that young people-particularly those who haven't had the breaks-have the right guidance and counsel to assist them in reaping the rewards our society makes available. That's where ABL comes in, inspiring and educating youngsters to realize their potential, ensuring that we are bringing our best and brightest to the forefront of business and civic leadership."

- Stephen F. Bollenbach, Former Chairman & CEO, Hilton Hotels Corporation

"The Academy of Business Leadership (ABL) is one of the most cost effective organizations that I have had the pleasure of supporting over the years. The return on investment in value to the students, business, and the community is exponential. ABL provides the students with an exposure to business and the "white collar" world that most inner city kids feel is beyond their reach. It comes at a time in their lives when they can take the relevant courses and apply to those colleges that best prepare them for the better-paying jobs. For those who are truly entrepreneurial, it gives them a good introduction to starting a business. I have seen first hand the impact of ABL's programs on the students and outstanding results produced by ABL are compelling and commendable."

- Richard C. Barker, Vice Chairman Emeritus, Capital Group Companies, Inc.

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